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Shang Orientheatre
Sun Li Tsuei and her Taiwanese Mimodrama's troupe 
Sun Li Tsuei and Shang Orientheatre

Sun Li-Tsuei was born in Taiwan , she was trained since childhood of
traditional Chinese arts - Tai Chi Chuan, also learned Chi Gong from several
masters in her later development, specially of Chinese ancient court yard
dance -Ya-Yueh to work with spinal central axis of body ; aside, calligraphy
and performing art .

In the early 1980"s, Sun Li Tsuei traveled to Europe and lived in France,
Germany and UK from 1980 to 1992. In the early 1980's she stayed in Paris
and studied performing art with Jacques Lecoq、Marcel Marceau、Maximilien
Decroux、Stefan Niedzialkowski. To refer to western theatrical physical
training as a movement base, later she combined her own culture with it
together. She decides to develop art of mime to express inner self through
universal language – body movement, so she founded Shang Orientheatre in

All the pieces of performance of Shang Orientheatre has been created by
Sun LI Tsuei , she has brought ideas from the source of Chinese culture to the
modern time, transfer philosophy into contemporary physical theatre, they are
“Dragon warrior”, “An odyssey of a Shaman”, “Bardo Todel” ,“Heavenly Earth”,
“Orpheus Britanicus- Fairy Queen”, “La Lune Souffle” , “Lagan”, “The Lotus
Eater”, ”War in the mist” ”Nostalgia – Flower Deity/ Two Immotals” ,
”Lacuna” etc.

Shang Orientheatre has performed in Avignon Festival OFF every year
since 2004 , also Adelaide Fringe Festival, Belgium, Spain, France, UK, West
Indes, Hong Kong and Shanghai China, etc...


Mime, calligraphy, singing, chanting, dancing, black & white, void and completeness, rythm and energy.

Exploring the relationship between body, souls, Qi, nature and ancient myths. 

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